The VR industry loves to tout itself as an engine for transmitting human experience — but it's operating with a muddy, superficial, and self-serving definition of empathy. Here's how it can be better.

Ainsley Sutherland • One year ago

Glossy is an asynchronous audio annotation tool for virtual reality.

Ainsley Sutherland • 2 years ago

An experimental documentary set in an Istanbul hospital

Ainsley Sutherland • 2 years ago

Creating impossible spaces with 360-degree video

Ainsley Sutherland • 2 years ago

Wear headphones.

Ainsley Sutherland • 2 years ago

BuzzFeed’s 360-degree look at the aftermath of California’s Valley fire has been viewed more than 6 million times. Plenty of viewers have been asking how we made it.

Ainsley Sutherland • 2 years ago

We revised our camera mount to shoot the 360-degree video SOYLENT: A Thanksgiving Nightmare and gained some unexpected insights on immersive experiences.

Ben Kreimer • 2 years ago

The food-free community has come up with a lot of ways to enjoy Soylent but we missed our right to chew.

Brendan Klinkenberg • 2 years ago

What happens when 2D web content meets a 3D browser?

Ainsley Sutherland • 3 years ago