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Here Are 15 Bucket List Activities To Experience At Least Once In Manitoba

Don't sleep on these life-changing activities in Manitoba.

Located in the heart of central Canada, Manitoba is often overlooked as an ideal travel destination. But those who've taken the time to explore the vast province and enjoy all of the incredible experiences it has to offer know that it is a must-visit Canadian province.

From seeing the aurora borealis to getting up close and personal with polar bears, trust us when we tell you that you need to try these 15 authentic Manitoba experiences at least once in your lifetime.

1. Two words: polar bears.

2. Learn about the traditions and the history of the Inuit.

3. Spend time in one of Manitoba’s most popular national parks.

4. Celebrate Icelandic culture and unleash your viking spirit.

5. Test your fears at the largest single concentration of garter snakes in the world.

6. Go kayaking with Beluga whales!

7. Witness the northern lights.

8. Walk through history at the Canadian Museum For Human Rights.

9. Don't forget to tour Manitoba's very own Holland.

10. Embrace nature at Whiteshell Provincial Park

11. Take a step back in time while you're there.

12. Celebrate Indigenous arts, culture, and music at Manito Ahbee.

13. Explore the ruins of the 1906 Pinawa Dam.

14. Experience Canadian arctic wildlife at its finest.

15. Finally, don't forget to go out at The Forks.

You can pretty much experience it all in Manitoba: culture, nature, museums, wildlife, and so much more!

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