Reasons To Love Demetri Martin

He’s a genius, he’s funny and he’s kinda cute. So appreciate this concise list and buy anything with his name on it immediately afterwards. OK?

1. This is Demetri Martin. He’s a person and he’s funny, see..

Via Demetri Martin

2. He has a book with a very helpful title.

Via Demetri Martin/This Is A Book

Anyone who is published is OK by me.

3. He has another book with an instructional title and lots of fun drawings.

Two books!?

4. He cares about music and female body parts (and likes to draw).

Via Demetri Martin

5. He also understands the male anatomy (and sports).

Via Demetri Martin

6. He respects a bunch of different cultures…

Via Demetri Martin

7. And knows the difference between great and mediocre.

Via Demetri Martin

8. He doesn’t support smoking and has useful suggestions to help people quit…

9. He has realistic ideas surrounding success.

Via Demetri Martin

10. He has useful tips about shapewear. / Via Demetri Martin

11. He has profound thoughts which he promptly shares via social media.

Education at your fingertips!

12. He’s clearly a fan of Harry Potter and hipsters.

Via Demetri Martin/This Is A Book

13. He recognises that some words have multiple meanings. i.e. A-hole.

Via Demetri Martin

14. He can play the guitar and make jokes IN HIS PYJAMAS.

15. And if you’re not convinced yet, consider yourself in the minority bracket.

16. Because Demetri Martin is awesome.

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