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  • Versa-Cheese: The Collection Of Dresses Made Of Melted Cheddar!

    A group of students have stunned the fashion world by creating a range of dresses - made entirely out of cheese. Five incredible creations have gone on display after young designers spent 1,000 hours and one tonne of cheese putting them together. The cheese couture catwalk collection includes a ball gown encrusted with melted cheddar. Read more:

  • Penguin Sweaters

    Charitable calls to action usually ask for people to sign petitions, donate money, or call their representatives about some issue. All of those things are a good idea, and generally help some kind of cause, but they aren’t nearly as much fun as making tiny pieces of clothing for adorable animals in need. Skeinz, a yarn shop in New Zealand, has put out an international call for people to knit sweaters for penguins who were affected by the recent oil spill off the coast of Tauranga. See, penguin sweaters aren’t just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen—they actually can help save the animals’ lives as well. Not only do they keep them warm while they’re waiting to be properly cleaned by rescue workers, but they can prevent them from preening their feathers and ingesting dangerous and potentially fatal chemicals. So Skeinz has provided a pattern for making the little garments. They don’t include instructions on how to make them look like a tiny tuxedo, though. You’ve got to figure that out for yourself. If you don’t know how to knit, don’t fret — it’s not that hard to learn. There are sites all over the internet with instructional videos, or you can head to a yarn shop and ask for help. If you’re in possession of a Y chromosome, New York’s Lion Brand store holds a guys’ night, so you can even feel manly about it.

  • Wall Street Hits Providence, RI 10/14/2011

    The group Occupy Providence says it is set to begin its occupation of a city park on Saturday in an effort to “give voice’’ to Rhode Islanders it says have been disenfranchised as corporate interests have become more powerful. The group said in a mission statement released earlier this week that it intends to gather in Burnside Park, not far from City Hall, for as long as it takes “to build a society by, for and of the people.’’ “The `occupation’ of Burnside Park is an act of free speech which we feel compelled to resort to in order to have our voice heard,’’ the statement says. A core group of organizers has been meeting for nearly two weeks to plan the occupation, inspired by protests on Wall Street. A march is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m., followed by an encampment at the park. Two Occupy Providence activists met with Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare and other officials Thursday to discuss the event. According to activist Ray Hagerty, who attended, the meeting was “cordial’’ and “very productive.’’ He said Pare offered to waive the permit fees and application process and “accommodate’’ the protest, meaning the protesters could camp overnight in tents and use propane grills. “Essentially we have the city’s support,’’ Hagerty told an Occupy Providence General Assembly meeting Thursday night. “There’s no reason for any antagonism.’’ But some activists were skeptical, saying elected officials in other cities where Occupy movements have sprung up had suggested support, but then encampments were later broken down by police. About 140 people were arrested in Boston early Tuesday morning after they refused to move from a park downtown when police ordered them to leave. The city had granted Occupy Boston protesters permission to use another nearby park where they still are encamped, but some wanted to expand their camp to the second park. Pare said Friday the activists he met with on Thursday have since told him they are no longer involved with the movement. He said another person associated with the protest, Michael McCarthy, has introduced himself as a contact for the group. Pare planned to attend a 5 p.m. meeting on Friday organized by the activists. “Our mission is the same - to allow a peaceful conversation and discussion without having to arrest anyone,’’ said Pare. He added he’s been informed the protesters expect to stay at Burnside for 24 to 48 hours before moving to another site. The group is not pulling a permit to set up in the park and expects no more than 200 people to camp out, Pare said. (thumb nail photo courtesy of Joe Lyons, RI

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