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    • aimeec5

      I think the kid that goes and buys up the A&F from thrift stores and hands them out to the homeless and posts it is an even better way to combat A&F’s elitism. I’ll be willing to bet that A&F sends people out to thrift stores to buy up any used items to keep this from happening.  Just FYI, A&F destroys misprints instead of donating them to the needy like other companies do. They don’t want their items on anyone not in their elite clientele.
      Iworked fora”Barbie” who wanted her clothing line and catalog to mimic A&F. She wasarepulsive twat. She made me stretch the images of the models who were already anorexic twigs to start with, which just served to negatively influence the preteens her catalog targeted. WhenItried to tell her it made them look unrealistic, she shot back, “well, no one likes fat!” As if she couldn’t see that I, an overweight woman, was sitting right there less than3feet from her.
      Ireally hated that bitch. To top it off, she tried to steal 50% of her husband’s business in their divorce. Her husband’s father started the business. She married into money, converting to Judaism, just to snagaman with money and ultimately destroy him. Loathsome gold-digging whore. Perfect fit for the A&F model.

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