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21 GIFs That Sum Up What It's Like Going To An Open Call

Get out your nude heels and jewel tone button downs, it's audition season.

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1. When you wake up at dark o'clock and get a great spot on the list.

Via Columbia Records /

2. When you just want to go back to sleep when you're waiting for 9:00 to roll around.


3. Half the room is wearing Broadway Blue.

Via NBC /

4. When you forget your hairspray.

Via Fox /

5. When they don't honor the unofficial list.

Via Fox /

6. When they announce they're typing.

Via Lions Gate /

7. When you type in.


8. When the Casting Director comes in to talk to the room.

Via TLC /

9. Someone's wearing the same outfit as you.


10. When they make the 8 bar announcement.

Via Bravo /

11. When your frenemy judges your song choice.

Via Desilu Studios /

12. When the person you hooked up with at summer stock walks in.

Via Desilu Productions /

13. When the person you WANTED to hook up with at summer stock walks in.

Via Summit Entertainment /

14. The monitor is being a douche.

Via Warner Bros. /

15. When you have an impromptu college reunion.

Via Syco /

16. Having to go to the bathroom, but they're almost to your group.

Via CBS /

17. Second guessing your song choice while waiting to go into the room.


18. Finding out the person in front of you is singing your song.


19. When the casting director talks through your whole audition.

Via UPN /

20. Hearing those beautiful words, "Can you come back and dance for us?"


21. Knowing you nailed the audition.

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