14 Pop Stars Who Are Working In Offices

And who are enjoying it far more than they thought.

1. Eddie Vedder at the shredder

Eddie always found the concept of a shredder having a paper jam incredibly frustrating.

2. Avril Lavigne at the vending machine

No matter how many times Avril pressed ‘coffee’, she kept getting hot chocolate.

3. Billy Ocean getting a promotion

Billy had known this was coming. Under the table, he fidgeted with his lucky cufflinks.

4. Kid Rock sorting stock

It was only meant to be a summer job, Rock reminisced. But he’d found a kind of peace between the boxes.

5. Steven Tyler- master filer

Tyler knew he wasn’t doing his back any favours, but that HR document was finally in sight.

6. Brandon Flowers putting in the hours

‘Wednesdays are always the longest’, Flowers thought, dreaming of a dusty desert sunset.

7. Paul McCartney at the Christmas party

Paul hadn’t meant to stay longer than a beer, but he was just having the best time. ‘Maybe I do have friends here’, he realised.

8. Cee-Lo Green in the canteen

No matter how many times Cee-Lo tried to bring up healthy eating at the Friday forum, nobody ever seemed to listen.

9. Shania Twain commutes by train

Shania didn’t mind her sweaty fellow passengers. She knew she was doing her bit to help the environment.

10. Rihanna at the scanner

Rihanna was irritated. Her acrylic nails kept clicking on the keyboard keys. She’d have to go shorter next time.

11. Lana Del Rey on her first day

It was going well, Lana thought. She hoped someone would bring her out to lunch. She’d panicked that morning and left her sandwich in the fridge at home.

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