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What's The Best Thing To Eat In London For Under A Tenner?

Doughnuts and cheese and burgers, oh my.

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It's no secret that London has endless things to eat.

Whether you're vegan...

...a curry fan...

...or an afternoon tea fanatic.

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But the best food isn't the most expensive.

What's your favourite thing to eat in London for under £10?

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Is it a double cheeseburger from Bleecker St Burger?

£8.50 for two patties made from small-farm English beef and more cheese than you can handle.

Or a custard doughnut from St John?

A princely £2.50!

A Lebanese wrap from King of Falafel?

Only £3.25 and enough for two hungry people.

Five adorable dumplings from Mama Lan?

Choose from beef and spring onion, pork and Chinese leaf, or woodear mushroom, spinach, and vermicelli, all served with pickled veg, and all for £5.

Tell us your favourite under-£10 eats in the comments below and you might be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!

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