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What's The Best Thing To Eat In London For Under A Tenner?

Doughnuts and cheese and burgers, oh my.

It's no secret that London has endless things to eat.

Whether you're vegan...

...a curry fan...

...or an afternoon tea fanatic.

Flickr: walsh02 / Via Creative Commons

But the best food isn't the most expensive.

What's your favourite thing to eat in London for under £10?

Two Broke Girls / Via

Is it a double cheeseburger from Bleecker St Burger?

Or a custard doughnut from St John?

A Lebanese wrap from King of Falafel?

Five adorable dumplings from Mama Lan?

Tell us your favourite under-£10 eats in the comments below and you might be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!

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