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What Was Your First Email Address?

Bonus points for superfluous underscores.

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Here are a few choice ones from around the office:

"NG_alvz@hotmail.com (NG stood for nerd girl, of course). Even more embarrassingly, my first choice was allymchappymeal@hotmail.com, but I decided against it as underscores were cooler. "

"doceanski@aol.com. d for Dan. ocean + sky because I liked those things, and together, they sounded vaguely like my last name and AOL.com because my parents thought Hotmail sounded sketchy."

"DestNed4HeaVen@aol.com because...Southern Baptist."

What was your first email address?" Was it embarrassing? I bet it was. Add yours in the comments and explain what the hell you were thinking when you signed up for it.

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