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    What It's Really Like Shopping At Topshop

    I'm just popping in to have a look. Yeah right.

    You've just been paid, and it's time to go shopping.

    You've picked out the items you want, and you're prepared. To Topshop!

    But upon entering the shop you are overwhelmed.

    The escalators in the Oxford Circus branch give you a panic attack.

    You comb through the racks, searching for inspiration.

    'Maybe this could work', you think.

    It can't hurt to try it on, right?

    Boyfriends slump outside the changing rooms.

    In the cubicle, the item is not as flattering as you had hoped. 'I bet it looks like that on everyone', you think.

    A stylist tries to help.

    It's a lost cause.

    And then you see the girl in the cubicle next to you styling it out effortlessly.

    So instead you buy the same thing that you always do.

    You scope a quick peek at Topshop Unique.

    You try not to look at the price tag.

    You mooch to the make-up. And mooch away again quickly.

    What even are facial gems?

    A quick look at the jewellery while waiting for the till can't hurt.

    Waiting for the till, you grab some sweets. And some nail polish. And some socks.

    You pay, and consider it a lucky escape.

    But you know it's not over.

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