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    Waterstones Just Trolled Amazon In The Most Delightful Way

    The book store is trialling an owl delivery system just like in Harry Potter. It's totally real. Totally.

    Waterstones has announced that it is trialling a new method of delivering books, called O.W.L.S.

    It stands for: Ornithological Waterstones Landing Service, and has been launched as a response to the news that Amazon plans to deploy delivery drones.

    They plan to use owls to deliver parcels. Like in Harry Potter.

    "Yes, this is exactly what they did in Harry Potter. You’re asking that as if this is a bad thing", Waterstones explain.

    Press Manager Jon Owls explains.

    "O.W.L.S. consist of a fleet of specially trained owls that either working individually or as an adorable team will be able to deliver your package within 30 minutes of you placing your order."

    However, don't expect to see owls in your driveway any time soon.

    Learn more about the totally real and in no way a spoof project here:

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