11 Videos Of Seamus Heaney Reading His Poems Aloud

The Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet died Friday.

1. ‘Digging’

From BBC NI’s “Seamus Heaney: A life in Pictures”

2. ‘Death of a Naturalist’

3. ‘St. Kevin and the Blackbird’

Faber and Faber

4. ‘The Underground’

Faber and Faber

5. ‘A Drink of Water’, ‘Oysters’, ‘Tate’s Avenue’, ‘The Baler’, ‘Postscript’

Griffin Poetry Prize

(From 3.13)

6. ‘When all the others were away at Mass’


From ‘Clearances’.

7. ‘Scaffolding’

Faber and Faber

8. ‘Beacons at Bealtaine’

9. ‘The Given Note’

10. ‘Lightening VIII’


11. ‘Mid-Term Break’

Poetry Ireland

Heaney’s reading of ‘Beowulf’ is currently available in two parts on YouTube.

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