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    7 Tiny Changes To Try Out This Week

    Just some small ways to put some pep in your step.

    Rebecca Hendin / Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

    1. If you've got 3 minutes: Swap out your phone background.

    Gyan Yankovich/BuzzFeed

    My friend and colleague Gyan in Australia created 9 Phone Wallpapers That Will Motivate You When You’re Feeling Lost. Featuring quotes from people like David Foster Wallace, Tavi Gevinson, Michelle Obama, and more, each wallpaper has a rad story behind it. And they look super pretty to boot.

    2. If you've got 5 minutes: Spend time with these wholesome memes.

    when u realize that u love spending time by yourself because you are a complete & interesting person on ur own

    I dare you to get through the piece without screenshotting, tweeting, or WhatsApping one of the memes to your friends.

    3. If you've got 10 minutes: Zone out with a rainstorm.

    Rainy Mood is a neat noise generator that, well, creates rain sounds. You can download the app too if you want, but I like to run the browser tab in the background while I'm at work.

    4. If you've got 15 minutes: Try downloading Carrot.

    Carrot is the kind of app that very much depends on your personality. It's a task list that gets cross with you if you fail to complete your tasks. Personally, it's not for me, but maybe you're the kind of person that needs a bit of tough love to tackle your laundry?

    £2.29 from iTunes.

    5. If you've got 20 minutes: Run through this list of self-care ideas.


    This excellent Tumblr post lists several easy self-care options for when everything feels a bit much. And sometimes, it might feel like even thinking about trying out all the tips is too much. But even then, just go back to No. 1: Get a drink of water. And then take it from there.

    6. If you've got 30 minutes: Take the Stop Scrolling Challenge.

    Dami Lee / BuzzFeed

    If you subscribe to Emerald Street, then you'll see they wrote about the Stop Scrolling Challenge. It's an initiative to claim back time from the internet. I understand the irony of recommending this challenge within a list on the internet, BUT. You get one 10-minute challenge sent to your inbox every day for 10 days. And it's free. So give it a go!

    7. If you've got 30 seconds: Watch this video, with the sound on.

    Yes it's 60 seconds, but stop it halfway through if you want to cling to the format.

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