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    This Is Why Soy Milk Goes Funny In Your Coffee

    Stop taking your coffee black.

    It is very annoying when you add soy milk to your coffee and it goes funny.

    There are two reasons why the soy milk curdles:

    If you favour a more acidic coffee (like many African coffees), it's more likely to curdle.

    So soy milk + a hot light-roasted coffee = cheesy-looking soy milk.

    Don't worry, though – there's a solution.

    Nicole from Climpson & Sons (a roasters and café in East London) explains:

    And if you're making a big pot of coffee at home, dilution is your friend.

    Jeremy Challender says: "Curdling's less likely to happen in a more diluted beverage, so if you did a big 60g/litre pour-over, the pH will be a bit higher than if it was a super strong stove-top espresso. So slightly more dilution should help with your coffee at home."

    Problem solved!