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    These Three Guys Have Built An Epic Two-Storey Treehouse 85 Feet In The Air

    So jealous.

    These young chaps have built a two-storey tree house, 85ft in the air.

    INS News Agency Ltd

    From left to right, Alden Conley, Harry Court and Dougie Haynes built the treehouse in the Oxfordshire countryside, near Bicester.

    It has a front door, windows and a spiral staircase to the second floor.

    INS News Agency Ltd

    It's even got a viewing platform.

    INS News Agency Ltd

    It's pretty impressive.

    INS News Agency Ltd

    Except it's going to have to come down soon.

    INS News Agency Ltd

    The insurance company which looks after the land on which it's built has raised an issue. The house will have to be felled as the insurance company said the farmer who owns the land would be liable for any injuries if someone fell.

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