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    These Hedgehogs In Cambridgeshire Have Been Given GPS Backpacks

    Go go gadget hedgehogs.

    Shepreth Wildlife Park in Cambridgeshire has fitted 24 hedgehogs with GPS backpacks, to find out how they survive in the wild.

    The hedgies have all been nursed back to health by the Wildlife Park's hedgehog hospital.

    Shepreth Wildlife Park

    A small section of spines on the hedgie's back is clipped back, and the GPS is glued on.

    This is performed while the hedgehog is under anaesthetic during their health check. The GPS will fall off naturally, when the hedgie sheds its spines.

    The aim of the experiment is to find out if the hedgehogs go on to reproduce, and if rehabilitation is helping the hedgehog population.

    You can donate to the Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital here.

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