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    There Is A Company In Oxfordshire That Is Making Jackets For Chickens

    Clucking charming.

    Omlet, a design company based in Oxfordshire have created a hi-vis jacket for chickens, using NASA-developed material.

    The Chicken Jacket contains "Flectalon NASA approved insulating material", and is suitable for hand-washing.

    The jackets have been met with positive reviews from chicken owners.

    "They keep them protected from weather, visible to vehicles and I have found that they deter predators also. They also look absolutely adorable!"

    "Henrietta took to hers immediately but Ginger walked around like John Clees for a while and kept trying to take it off. Too be fair, Henrietta's fitted her better while Gingers kept lifting up at the back and she kept walking backwards. Will persevere."

    Which means we can finally answer this question. Why did the chicken cross the road?


    Because it was wearing a highly visible fluorescent jacket that would enable it to be safely seen.

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