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The 18 Strangest Things About Being A Londoner In New York

Party in the U.S.A.

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1. Not being happy until you've transposed London boroughs onto NY boroughs and hating yourself for it.

"So, like Chelsea is basically still Chelsea?"

2. The sliding scale of manners from pavement to storefront.

On the street, everyone is suitably rude. But once inside, it's like Downton Abbey.

3. Tipping. Oh God tipping.

Is this enough? Is this too little? Do you want my watch too?

4. Fahrenheit maths.

5. Time Zone maths.

6. And VAT too?

7. Coffee being the same but different.

Wait, Starbucks guy, why are you taking my order when I get in the door? What is half and half? And why don't you sell flat whites?

8. The grid system that makes it feel like you're in a human version of Snake.

9. Still having to sign when using your cards.

Chip. And. Pin.

10. Spotting actual celebs — not just TOWIE cast members and the Primrose Hill set.

11. Shake Shack ennui.

Meh — we've got that too.You're still going to eat there though.

12. 'Suggested donation' aka the most passive-aggressive phrase known to man.

Look, is the museum free or not?

13. People reacting weirdly when you announce that you want to get pissed.

14. People discussing their policy about going South at the weekend.

It's just not the same as the London one.

It's just not the same as the London one.

15. Cabs asking for directions is a novel experience.

16. The indurability of the Metrocard.

It's so flimsy. And what's with this swiping business?

17. At least Subway and Tube etiquette is the same.

18. And commuters are just as strange in NY as they are at home.