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The Story Of A Travelling Toy Fox Is The Sweetest Thing On Instagram

Such a well-travelled fox.

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When she began to travel the world in 2006, she made sure that Mr Fox came too.

Since 2007, Mr Fox has been to Colombia, Scotland, France, Turkey, England, Italy and more.

He never travels in checked luggage, Jessica explains.

"I NEVER check him in a bag obviously - and always keep very close tabs."

She told BuzzFeed:

"I had taken these photos throughout the last few years, and shared some of them sporadically with Gary or family. I loved to send them to him, since he bought bought Mr. Fox for me. He always got a kick out of it, seeing a little stuffed animal he bought all those years traveling around the world. I never organized them, and they were scattered about on hard drives and different computers, and in the last few years I had perpetually been meaning to put them all together. I thought it would make a nice book for gary, or just be cute to put them somehow together online."

However, a little over a year ago, Jessica found out that Gary had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

Jessica Johnson

Gary's doctors had suggested that a holiday might do him good. " At first we hit up friends on Facebook quietly, to gather together some money before we let Gary know about the fundraiser. From friends and family and a few kind strangers, we have managed to raise $2,500 so far", Jessica told BuzzFeed.


And then, Jessica had another thought.

What if they used Mr Fox's adventures to raise money for Gary's trip?

She explained;

Since the whole point was to raise money for Gary's trip, the travel photos seemed perfect. Our dream would be to raise enough that he and his wife Lynn could go WHEREVER they want to, without having to worry about the cost. He should be able to have the trip of his dreams. It just dawned on me recently that the photos would be much more discoverable on Instagram, so I uploaded them.

Jessica set up a GoFundMe page for Gary's trip.

And the response has been overwhelming.

"I'm totally humbled, grateful, and excited mainly because we are seeing some donations for gary. He was the reason for this whole thing", she told BuzzFeed.

To donate to Gary's trip, visit here. To see more photos of Mr Fox's adventures, visit here.