The 21 Greatest Moments In The Life Of A Londoner

    London forever.

    1. Hailing a Black Cab on the first attempt.

    2. When the guy in the corner shop learns your name.

    3. When you line up the tube carriage with the correct exit.

    4. Perfectly timing your commute-nap.

    5. Using the Wi-Fi on the tube.

    6. When you don't panic when confronted by rail-replacement buses.

    7. When someone asks you for directions and you actually know the answer.

    8. Finding the quickest tourist-free route between Covent Garden and Leicester Square.

    9. Sitting in a park that nobody else knows about.

    10. Spotting Gilbert and George in Mangal.

    11. First Thursdays.

    12. Swimming in the Lido early in the morning.

    13. Going boating in the parks.

    14. Remembering which exit to use at Old Street.

    15. "Driving" the DLR.

    16. And driving the bus, of course.

    17. Coming home early in the morning, when the markets are just opening.

    18. Finding a pub where you can get a table on a Friday night.

    19. Walking across the river.

    20. When you find your part of London.

    21. When you've been away, coming in to land, and seeing the city spread out before you.