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    The Definitive Ranking Of Chocolate Bars From Worst To Best

    Our decision is final.

    20. Double Decker

    Nauseatingly nougaty.

    19. Topic

    The only time anyone will ever willingly eat a Topic is when trying to eke out the last of the tin of Christmas Celebrations.

    18. Flyte


    It's chocolate. It's not meant to be fat free. Stop trying to ruin chocolate, Flyte.

    17. Bournville

    Does anyone really like dark chocolate? Like, really?

    16. Peppermint Cream

    Your dad's favourite chocolate bar.

    15. Drifter

    There's an awful lot going on with a Drifter.

    14. Milkybar

    Incredibly sweet, but since the demise of the Dream, the current king of white chocolate.

    13. Wispa

    A resilient bar, and so much more than it would appear - the Wispa punches above its weight.

    12. Dairy Milk

    Reliable and familiar. Like a labrador.

    11. Mars

    You can never go wrong with a Mars.

    10. Galaxy Caramel

    Though it is annoyingly marketed at women who seem to overly-enjoy baths, the gooeyness of the caramel means that all is forgiven.

    9. Toffee Crisp

    Like a glamorous Rice Krispie treat.

    8. Lion

    The blokey cousin of the Toffee Crisp.

    7. Milky Way

    The saviour of children's party-bags nationwide.

    6. Snickers

    Basically a meal in a bar.

    5. Green and Blacks

    Ooohhh a bit posh, are we? Who cares. Look at the flavours!

    4. Crunchie

    One of the few treats that is just as satisfying in 'fun size' as it is in normal size.

    3. Daim


    Eternally determined to get stuck in your teeth. But worth it.

    2. Kit Kat

    While the joy of running your finger down the foil might be gone, the Kit Kat remains the perfect tea-time snack.

    1. Twix

    A glorious hybrid of chocolate, caramel and biscuit. God bless the Twix.

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