The 17 Stages Of Shopping At Boots

Just picking up some bits and bobs.

1. It is 11am. You are at your desk. You suddenly realize that you aren’t wearing any deodorant.

2. It’s alright, you can just nip to Boots on your lunch, you think.

4. Whatever. You’ll be in and out in five minutes.

5. Entering the shop, you walk past tights and dental, straight to deodorants.

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Have your teeth ever complained of being a bit chilly? Boots chemist has the solution…

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6. Oooh, hang on! Three for two on Seventeen lipsticks!

7. Maybe you should take a basket?

8. No. Stay strong. You’re on a deadline.

9. You stroll past the adults’ section, trying not to make eye contact.

10. Oh, hang on. You needed tights, didn’t you? May as well grab a pair.

11. You plough on through the perfume department.

12. Finally! Deodor- well, you may as well fill in the prescription now you’re here.

13. One prescription later, you finally reach the deodorant. Mission achieved!

14. Only problem is, you’ve timed this poorly. It’s the lunch-hour queue.

15. You know that they put small items next to the tills for a reason, but actually you could really use some chewing gum.

16. You pay, and forget to turn down the useless voucher you get with your receipt.

17. And then you head back to the office.

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