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    18 British Desserts You Must Try Before You Die

    Death by chocolate.

    1. A peanut butter and jelly doughnut from Crosstown Doughnuts, London

    Facebook: crosstowndoughnuts / Via

    Everything that a doughnut should be.

    2. Cookie Butter Cupcakes at Lily Pink Bakery, Belfast

    3. Salt Caramel Brownie Pie from Noisette Bakehouse, Leeds

    4. A Chelsea bun at Fitzbillies, Cambridge

    5. A vegan pretzel doughnut from Mighty Food Fight, Bristol

    6. A waffle cone at Yumi's, Nottingham

    7. Brioche french toast at Cafe Gandolfi, Glasgow

    8. A slice of rainbow cake at Teacup Kitchen, Manchester

    9. Kinako French toast with green tea ice cream at Shackfuyu


    Crunchy and soft, all at the same time. Wash it down with some sake, if you like.

    10. A deep-fried Mars Bar at the Royal Mile Tavern, Edinburgh

    11. A doughnut sundae from You Doughnut, London

    You Doughnut

    Doughnuts + doughnuts = heaven.

    12. Welsh cakes from Fabulous Welsh Cakes, Cardiff

    A traditional tea-time treat.

    13. Waffles and Ice Cream at G&D’s Cafe, Oxford

    14. Cheesecake at Olive & Bean Cafe, Newcastle

    15. A rocky road waffle from the Bournville Waffle Company, Birmingham

    Chocolate, marshmallows and waffles make this one of Brum's best street foods.

    16. Brioche bread pudding at Salt, Canterbury

    Oozing butter, this pudding makes everything seem OK.

    17. A Sally Lunn at Sally Lunn's, Bath

    18. A vegan cookie ice-cream sandwich from Cookies and Scream, London

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