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7 Tiny Changes To Try Out This Week

One step at a time.

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1. If you have 3 minutes: listen to a banger

Neon Gold

Well, 3 minutes 30 seconds to be precise: the perfect length for a pop song. Like the rest of the world, I'm in love with "Tilted" by Christine and the Queens. Have you see her performance on Graham Norton? It will give you chills.

If you need more songs on your playlist: 57 New Songs You Need In Your Life This Month.

3. If you have 10 minutes: Investigate how to become a guide dog puppy trainer.

Read this description of the best job in the world and then let your imagination run free. Even if you can't become a trainer right away, then at least you'll be prepared for when the time comes – right?


4. If you have 15 minutes: change your bedsheets

"Change your bedsheets! I think most of us are guilty of not doing this as much as we ~should~, but it really does feel great. I do this when I'm feeling sad or uninspired or just bored with my surroundings, because it makes such a big difference to the way you view your space. Whether you go out and buy new ones or just change them out for something you already own, it always makes my room feel so much fresher.

"Plus, there's no better feeling than getting into a soft, clean bed at the end of a long day." – Ellie Bate

5. If you have 20 minutes: get out and about.

Maggy writes: "When your mental health isn’t at its best, doing an invigorating physical activity may seem impossible. Instead, go for a long walk. Taking it slow will help you untangle some of your thoughts while you’re still keeping your body active. Put together a walking playlist or download a few podcasts to accompany you on your strolling. I highly recommend The Mental Illness Happy Hour."

You could even combine a walk with a game that helps you get out and about, like Pokémon Go.

6. If you have 30 minutes: Try to make a new recipe.

Ailbhe Malone

There's loads of inspo here. Or you could take a shortcut, like Liz:

"I got lured into a trial by this company called Gousto. For £15, I got the ingredients for three yummy meals for 2 delivered straight to my door in an ice box and insulation made from sheep's wool, but I digress.

"The point is the meals were good quality, really easy and quick to make and tasted great. I didn't have to worry about doing food shopping and with the trial deal it was economical. They currently have a 50% deal on their website. I'd make all three recipes again.

"I do not work for them. I know no one who works for them. I am a genuine customer." – Liz Pears

7. If you have 30 seconds: Read this tweet.

my dad's girlfriend takes her dog on a hike every day and HER DOG HAS DOG FRIENDS. LOOK AT THIS SQUAD