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17 Struggles Of Having An Irish Name

It's spelled A-I-L-B-H-E. Yep, B-H-E.

1. Oh, what a cute Starbucks fail.

2. Lemme try that with a 'Niamh'.

3. Let's not even get started with Siri.

4. You have actually turned off auto-correct.

5. You mispronounced this popstar's name for a long time.

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6. The pain of seeing a product which has your name, with a different spelling.

7. Fadas are a source of bewilderment.

8. And you tend to just suck it up.

9. Security guards tend to just give up when they see your ID.

Ailbhe Malone

10. Depending on how long you have, you will just go with the first version of your name you hear.

11. Even relatives will spell your name wrong.

12. You actually have several aliases, because it is less hassle.

13. You have tried to explain why your name is pronounced the way it is.

14. But you can't blame people for being confused.

15. Either your emails go into spam, because of the spelling of your name, or people can't get through to you because they spell it wrong.

16. So you make things painstakingly clear, and think 'well I like my name, and everything else is just a minor annoyance'.

Ailbhe Malone

17. Until you see this in the morning edit meeting email.

Ailbhe Malone


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