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21 London Street Foods Everyone Must Try

Street feast.

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DogTown do posh 'dogs. Their chilli cheese dog (above left) contains beef bone-marrow chilli, beer-cheese sauce, sour cream, coriander and tortilla chips. Wow.

DogTown currently have a residency at The Social. Find them on Facebook and Twitter

Bagels so large that they will genuinely feed you for two meals. And their pickles are excellent.

Keep an eye on The Bell & Brisket to find out where they'll be. Find them on Facebook and Twitter

Shoutout also to @PeckhamPastrami (who are currently changing their name to Got Seoul).

Le Rac Shack

Basically a pot of melted cheese, with added delicious morsels (cured meats, potatoes, onions, cornichons). Bonus! They do a raclette poutine (top right) which also includes fries.

Le Rac Shack trade at several events in and around London. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Bad Brownie trade at Maltby Street and Rupert Street. An earlier version of the piece said they also traded at Kerb, King's Cross.