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    Someone Has Been Hiding Surprise Gifts All Around The UK

    'This Must Be For You' is the sweetest art project around.

    This Must Be For You is a project that leaves surprise parcels in the street for passers by.

    It was begun 'a few years ago' by two friends who met in University. "The idea for the project really started when Tash and I were both at Uni and we had the idea of leaving boxes with cool stuff in around campus for people to find if they were wondering around bored or stressed or whatever", Charlie from TMBFY tells BuzzFeed. "We'd actually had the boxes for ages but we didn't do anything with them until a couple of years later when Tash started stamping them and leaving them around at last year's Edinburgh Fringe. We both ended up in London after Uni as I was working there and Tash is doing a Masters. We started out by leaving small stuff like toy dinosaurs and soldiers in the boxes, then we thought about more sustainable things which led us to the seeds and the tea boxes (which we're still doing)."

    The parcels include artwork, poetry, music and plastic animals.

    "The idea of spreading a bit of kindness to people while at the same time helping artists, graphic designers, musicians etc get more exposure seems pretty win-win, as both concepts are really important to us. We're both really into art or music or some variation of that kind of thing, so it was cool we could help people out and at make complete strangers happy at the same time."

    They are then placed in the street to find a new home.

    It takes a little while to organise the boxes - especially the art packs featured in below video, Charlie explains. "It took us quite a long time to sort out the donations for the art packs, simply because we've have to email individual artists about what we do and wait for the stuff to arrive. Everyone we've worked with has been great though, we were really surprised by how willing people were to help. Since the video as well we've had a few people approach us wanting to be involved in the shows so that's been really nice, and it makes our job a bit easier!"

    The founders explain, "At TMBFY we are all about promoting creativity in a new and tangible way." / Via

    "We want to use gift giving as a means, not only of spreading kindness, but to give artists, writers, videographers, photographers and musicians a different, and free, way to showcase their work.

    The project has international reach too - and an end goal.

    Charlie goes on, "in the long term, we really just want to make sure people keep up the idea of kindness that forms the basis of the project. We encourage people to re-use the boxes in their own way, and we've had loads of people get in contact asking for some to give out in their own areas. In all honesty, we couldn't really ask for anything more than that- the response to the video and the things that we've done so far has been amazing, so we're just happy people like the idea enough to do some gift-giving themselves."

    You can watch a video about the project below.

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