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27 Things Every Woman In Her Late Twenties Should Know

You do you, girl.

Ailbhe Malone/ BuzzFeed/Zakharova_Natalia/ Thinkstock

1. Your worth is not defined by your job.

2. But it is OK to take pride in your work.

3. Don't scrimp on cheap tampons.

4. Some people are just dicks.

5. Some people are just shy.

6. Short taxi journeys are the greatest small luxury.

7. Don't Groupon any kind of medical procedure.

8. Call your parents. And listen to them when you call.

9. Unload the dishwasher when you go home to visit.

10. You are the only one who decides how you feel about your body.

11. Cheap shoes are never worth it.

12. Wash your face before you go to bed.

13. Only date someone who laughs at your jokes.

14. Your friends will occasionally be the worst.

15. You, too, will occasionally be the worst.

16. Some hangovers can only be solved by having another drink.

17. People are usually not secretly in love with you.

18. But sometimes they are.

19. Laughing out loud in a photo > pouting like an Olsen twin.

20. You are the only one who will replay your mistakes on loop in your head. Everyone else has forgotten about them.

21. Your mum was probably right.

22. Don't watch TV shows out of obligation.

23. Don't buy books out of obligation.

24. Bring a jacket when you go out.

25. Always dance at weddings.

26. Never sign off an email with "best".

27. A cry, a cup of tea, or a strong gin and tonic will solve most problems.

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