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    Just 15 Really Freakin Smartly-Designed Products

    H/t r/mildlyinteresting

    1. These mini golf balls that are biodegradable – and the 18th hole drops directly into the sea!

    2. This make-up towel that means you won't stain the white ones with mascara.

    3. This real-time map of which toilets are in a use at a service station.

    4. These stairs that show how many calories each step burns.

    5. These cups that allow you to write your name on them, so your beer will never go missing.

    6. This roll of sticky tape that shows you where the start is.

    7. This watch that solved a common problem – how to view the day of the week when the hand reaches 3 o'clock.

    8. This nifty use of concrete, that stops your shopping cart rolling away.

    9. These priority seats that remind train users *who* should get priority seating.

    10. These nifty knives that tell you how they should be used.

    11. This pizza place that lets you cut fresh herbs to garnish your dinner.

    12. These touch-and-test instructions for buying avocados.

    13. These museum sinks that mean even the tiniest kid can wash their hands.

    14. These restaurant menus that are backlit – so you can order easily in low lighting.

    15. This park sign that caters to all readers.