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    7 Self Care Tips To Try This Week

    Small change, big impact.

    Sian Butcher / BuzzFeed

    1. If you've got 3 minutes : Jam out to your favourite song

    Michael Hinson

    This suggestions comes via commenter Sunshine Then:

    "Take 3-5 minutes and absolutely jam out to your favourite tune. Works to reprogram you if you're having a bad day or moment!"

    This Spotify playlist is a great place to start: 23 Songs That Make The World Your Personal Catwalk

    2. If you've got 5 minutes: Write down one thing to look forward to.

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

    It doesn't have to be giant, just something that will make you sigh happily. Can't think of anything? Here's some that will get you started:

    "The first proper grey, wet, windy Saturday where you can totally justify staying in bed all day with your book and a hot cup of tea."

    "That particular autumn evening light that makes your shadow really long."

    "Crisp, sunshiney days where you can enjoy the sun on your face while wearing a massive jumper."

    3. If you've got 10 minuts: Play Magic Piano

    Magic Piano

    Chelsey writes:

    "This charming game is chill and consuming in one go. Think GuitarHero but with piano and for your phone. Choose from a load of song options, from classics to current hits, and follow the dots to play along."

    Get it on iTunes or Android

    4. If you've got 15 minutes: Cut yourself some slack.

    Sian Butcher / BuzzFeed

    I wrote an essay this week about learning to accept my weird eating habits. I was really nervous about it (both writing and publishing), but seeing the comments from people who had similar anxieties made me feel great. Cut yourself some slack, and be open about your compassion towards yourself – and you'll be surprised how people respond.

    This beautiful essay in Elle treads a similar path (although it covers a very different topic) : I'm Chronically Ill and Afraid of Being Lazy:

    "As someone who used to define herself vis-a-vis her work ethic, to become unable to act upon that work ethic is nearly intolerable. My deep fear is that I'm secretly slothful and am using chronic illness to disguise the sick rot of laziness within myself. Surely I can rouse myself from this bed and bring myself to my desk? Surely I can pull myself up by the bootstraps and force myself to work? Instead of bragging online and in person about how much work I've accomplished, I post selfies from my bed, as if to prove that I am, indeed, ill. "

    5. If you've got 20 minutes: Take control of your schedule.

    6. If you've got 30 minutes: Prep some dinners ahead of time.

    7. If you've got 30 seconds: Follow @teddytheshetland

    This is a weekly series. Have a self-care tip that you think should be in next week’s post? Let me know in the comments or tweet me!

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