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    7 Tiny Changes You Should Try Out This Week

    Small change, big difference.

    Tim Lane/ BuzzFeed

    1. If you have 3 minutes: Read this wholesome post.

    I am STRESSED OUT here's a pic of my cow with bunny ears

    2. If you have 5 minutes: Occupy your hands.

    Alida Barden/ BuzzFeed

    It has been a really horrible week around the world, and living in London, it has been especially difficult. When I get anxious, I end up picking at my skin – so when my friend and colleague Becky lent my her fidget spinner the other day, I tried it out. It really helps to do something else with my hands, even absent-mindedly.

    If a spinner isn't for you, you could try having something tactile on your desk (like a velvet ribbon, or a silky piece of fabric).

    3. If you have 10 minutes: Find a way to combat hayfever.

    Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    "You can use nasal steroids along with an antihistamine tablet to treat nasal congestion, a runny nose, and itchy/watery eyes. Unlike the tablets, these can take up to a week to be effective, so you should start taking them before your symptoms get too bad. There are a few different formulations (some are more of a light mist, while others are more of a squirt of liquid), so you might need to try a few to see what works best.

    "What the nasal steroids do are decrease a lot of the inflammation and decrease the allergic mediators coming from mast cells," Hartog says. They can also help with a sore throat caused by postnasal drip (when a buildup of mucus keeps draining down the back of your throat)."

    Read more: 17 Life-Changing Tips For Allergy Sufferers

    4. If you have 15 minutes: Play rvlvr.

    Chelsey writes: "This is a VERY chill game. There's no timer and it's all about making things match in a super zen way. I really like to play when I'm feeling stressed because the entire goal is to put things in order and it's pretty impossible to screw it up."

    5. If you have 20 minutes: Listen to this charming story about a gay high schooler who took all his female friends to prom.

    Bonus! It's read by Tituss Burgess from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

    7. If you have 30 seconds: Read this tweet.

    "why is wonder woman even so important???" me:

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