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There Is A Secret Underground Bar In London That Contains An Entire Tube Carriage

Going underground.

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The designers took great pains to make sure all the details were accurate.

They spent time at the London Transport Museum, Jamie Wilson of design agency Cheeky Tiki tells BuzzFeed Life, and "all the fabrics in the train section are real London Underground fabrics, and we copied the leather details from the period". Wilson goes on: "We transformed the entrance staircase to look like the old wooden escalators that used to be in stations."


And they scoured the country to track down 1940s-era train signs and decorations.

"We found a guy who was an enthusiast and collector on the Isle of Man who we bought quite a lot of the train signs off," Wilson says. "And a lot of the smaller pieces of decoration are from the 1940s – we spent time at antiques markets and around vintage shops sourcing pieces."

And they're pretty strong too.

Lynzy Billing/BuzzFeed

On the left is Give Peas a Chance (£10). Made from Grey Goose Original vodka, garden peas, lime juice, basil, agave syrup, and a Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial NV champagne foam, it's a smart sharp take on a gimlet.

On the right is Swing for Victory (£8). Made from Russian Standard Original vodka, lemon juice, beetroot, rose liqueur, egg white, and an OXO cube, it's earthy and particularly strong – a sipper, not a gulper.

There are plenty of surprises to keep you on your toes too.

Lynzy Billing/BuzzFeed

Like a secret bomb-shelter cubby-hole, a clock that you can drink out of, and something very unusual in the bathroom cabinet of the men's bathroom.

Why not take a look around?

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