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16 School Lunches From Around The World

Trade you for a sandwich?

1. Japan

Flickr: goldfish_bowl / Via Creative Commons

Fried fish, dried seaweed, tomatoes, miso soup with potatoes, rice in a metal container, served with milk.

2. Austin, Texas

Flickr: bookgrl / Via Creative Commons

Turkey taco salad, mashed potatoes, peach cobbler, and iced tea.

3. South Korea

Pickled sesame leaves, kimchi, doenjang (a soybean paste) stew served with rice and a side of grapes.

4. Shanghai German School

Flickr: msittig / Via Creative Commons

Hot dog, french fries, carrot salad, slice of cake.

5. Israel / Via Martha Payne/Never Seconds

Falafel, pitta chips, yoghurt and cucumber sauce, with green leaves.

6. Finland

Salad, chicken curry and pudding, string beans and carrots, served with milk.

7. Czech Republic / Via Martha Payne/Never Seconds

Semolina and vegetable soup, beef with garlic, spinach and potato dumplings, an orange.

8. Brazil / Via Never Seconds/ Martha Payne

Meat in BBQ sauce, rice, green salad, pudding, and a strawberry juice.

9. Ukraine

Soup, bread, sliced hot dog, and pasta.

10. Barcelona, Spain / Via Never Seconds/ Martha Payne

Tomato fusilli, deep fried fish, salad, bread, and an apple.

11. Singapore

Meat, rice, crunchy vegetables, and melon.

12. United Kingdom

Peas, baked potato, cake, and custard. (This is a veggie option).

Update: A commenter adds that the third item might be cauliflower cheese.

13. Chennai, India / Via Never Seconds/ Martha Payne

Lentil soup, snake gourd, rice, curd, and kesari, served with buttermilk.

14. Canadian International School, Bangalore / Via Never Seconds/ Martha Payne

Fish nuggets, spring roll, salad, veggie noodles.

15. France

Fries and nuggets with broccoli, bread, pasta salad, and a slice of cake.

16. Sweden / Via

Potatoes, cabbage, and beans, served with a cracker and lingonberry juice.

If you're particularly interested in school lunches around the world, read the brilliant blog Never Seconds, which also works with the charity Mary's Meals to "provide daily meals to chronically hungry children in a place of learning".

Thanks to a commenter, the third item on the British lunch plate has been identified as possibly cauliflower cheese.

An example from the UAE was removed as it was a lunch brought from home, not supplied by the school.

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