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Posted on Mar 22, 2017

7 Beauty Products That Are Gross But Satisfying To Use

Peeling off your nail varnish is the best part of putting it on.

Sian Butcher/BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Enhance your brows with this weirdly satisfying peel-off brow gel., Macey J Foronda/BuzzFeed

Product: Etude House: Tint My Brows

Simply paint on the tint, let it set for a minimum of two hours, then pull off the excess in one smooth motion (or several, less smooth, motions). "Two hours!" you cry. Yes, but the tint lasts for a couple of days.

Best review: "I applied a normal amount and didn’t end up looking like the Muppet Sam the Eagle. When I took it off I was extremely happy because 1) it didn’t take off my eyebrows with it and 2) my brows were perfectly shaped." – Casey

Buy it at Amazon, £6.74

2. Watch dead skin flake away piece by piece with Baby Foot.

Emma Clarey/ Amazon, amazon

Product: Baby Foot Original

You'll be familiar with Baby Foot and its startling effects. Top tip: Soak your foot for a moment in warm water, then pop the bootees on. After a couple of days the dead skin and calluses on your feet will begin to peel off.

Best review: “OK, I was sceptical when I purchased this product, but at £15 for two pairs I thought it was worth trying. The most important thing I can share is, make sure you soak your feet and put the booties on when your feet are still wrinkly. I had my booties on for 1 hour 40 mins, then I soaked my feet for 15-20 mins every day. I started peeling on day 2 and it stopped on day 8 (photo is day 3). The hardest skin on the edges of my heels is still there but much less, the cracks have reduced and everywhere else is soft. I’d definitely repurchase this product.” – Emma Clarey

Get it on Amazon, £17

3. Go for a long-lasting lip tint and enjoy peeling off the excess.

Macey J Foronda/ BuzzFeed

Product: Romantic Bear Long Lasting Lip Colour

Swipe on this tinted gloss, let it set, and then peel away once hardened (about 5-10 minutes). It's as satisfying as peeling off PVA glue from your hands. Also "Romantic Bear" is just a really cute name.

Best review: "I like the really subtle pigmentation. The tint itself takes much less maintenance than regular lipstick and is great for a more ~natural~ look." – Nina

Get it at BeautyMart, £8.50

4. Banish blackheads and wash off buildup with silk finger balls.

CosRx, The Beauty Breakdown / Via

Product: CosRx Blackhead Silk Finger Balls

These little balls are the old cocoons of silk worms. You rub them over your face to exfoliate, and build up "nap" (aka small balls of grime). Wash your face, and then admire your flawless skin. Youtuber The Beauty Breakdown has a video detailing her experiences too.

Best review: "I've tried this a couple of times and I must say I am very pleased. It cleanses the surface of blackheads perfectly. While no product will erase them from your face completely, this one polishes the skin, greatly minimising them as promised." – Jackie

Get them at Cult Beauty, £8

5. Exfoliate dead skin and watch dead cells pile up with a flash facial.

Cult Beauty

Product: Sonia Dakar Flash Facial

This product is a celeb fave and really works. It's a gentle but effective exfoliator – after one minute, dead skin cells "pill", leaving glowy skin behind. YouTuber Megan Moore has a video explaining how she uses it in her adult acne routine.

Best review: "Best stuff ever! I use it a couple times a week in conjunction with my daily PCA skincare regime. My skin feels and looks amazing after every use. Yes it's pricey but it's about the cost of one facial at a salon. This gives me the same clean feeling between facials. I'm 45 years old and get compliments on how fresh and clear my skin looks." – Jennifer Hulak

Get it at Cult Beauty, £72

6. Paint your nails and peel it off easily with Little Ondine.

Via, Via Little Ondine

Product: Little Ondine nail varnish.

Let's be real, the best part about wearing nail varnish is taking it off. And Little Ondine's range is quick-drying, odourless, and toxin free – as well as being designed to be peeled off. The dream.

Best review: "I love the product, and weirdly I love the peeling off even more…really enjoy the moment when the whole piece of nail colour gets peeled off together." – Sara

Get it on Amazon, £9.50

7. Take off your makeup with actual witchcraft (aka just water) using the Makeup Eraser.

BuzzFeed/ Lynzy Billing

Product: The Makeup Eraser

Best review: "Despite my fears that the cloth was going to irritate my skin and leave it feeling crap, it was actually really gentle and I felt pretty fresh-faced after using it. I have been using the cloth for five days now, and my skin feels fine. I don’t even feel the need to wash or rinse my face afterwards, although I do moisturise my skin every time." – Tolani

Get it at Selfridges, £17