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    16 Pinterest Accounts To Follow Before You Move To London

    Get pinning.

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. For the best coffee shops, try Runaway Kiwi.

    Run by "a Kiwi expat trying to fall in love with London every day", Runaway Kiwi knows all the best coffee spots, with super-pinnable original photography too.

    Follow on Pinterest here.

    2. For London wedding inspo, follow London Bride. / Via

    Terribly stylish London weddings, and endless ideas for hair, decor, food and drink, and DIYs!

    Follow on Pinterest here.

    3. For home improvement, follow Homegirl London.

    For ideas on how to make your space work for you (like this office bedroom set-up, above), or for daydreaming about airy lofts.

    Follow on Pinterest here.

    4. For the ultimate in nail art, follow Wah Nails.

    London's most creative nail salon, and home to emoji nail art, pizza decals and more.

    Follow on Pinterest here.

    5. For Afternoon Tea advice, follow Poppy Loves.

    From high-end hotel, to cosy cafe, this blogger knows her afternoon teas. Absolutely scrumptious.

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    6. For cute kittens, follow Lady Dinah's Cat Cafe.

    The home of London's first cat cafe, Lady Dinah's is too cute to function. Plus, they've got a board dedicated to kittens in bow ties!

    Follow on Pinterest here.

    7. For a stylish guide to London, follow Fashionknitsta.

    Blogger Kristabel knows the city like no other, and looks damn good while showing you around.

    Follow on Pinterest here.

    8. For the most Instagram-worthy spots, follow A Diary Of Lovely.

    Whether it's the perfect angle of Tower Bridge, or a close-up of the flowers on Columbia Road, this is the place for photography fans.

    Follow on Pinterest here.

    9. For photos of London old and new, follow Paul Thurlby.

    Illustrator Paul has a fantastic eye for evocative images. From vintage snaps, to present-day blue skies, get pinning.

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    10. For cocktail-lovers, follow Barchick.

    If you want a night out in London, then Barchick is the place to turn. With boards like 24 Hours in Chelsea and 24 Hours in Dalston, you'll be well looked after.

    Follow on Pinterest here.

    11. For an insider's guide, follow Disney Roller Girl.

    This stylist and writer knows London inside out, and pins dreamy original photography, mixed with expert tips on what to see, and what to do.

    Follow on Pinterest here.

    12. For fitness fans, follow Bangs And A Bun.

    From no-nonsense workouts, to the flyest gym kit, this London lass will inspire you to get out and moving.

    Follow on Pinterest here.

    13. For hidden museums, follow This City Life.

    Whether it's the best museum you never knew about, or a guide to London in the autumn, it's all here. Wonderful.

    Follow on Pinterest here.

    14. For the best things to eat, follow Made By Bloc.

    The best pins of colourful, flavourful food ,all over London? Sign us up.

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    15. For sweet treats, follow Mondo Mulia.

    Yes, there are boards about London street food, restaurants and more, but come on, if you're not following the dedicated London doughnut board then you're not living.

    16. Bonus! Follow BuzzFeed UK on Pinterest for all the useful London tips you could want.