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    17 Things That All Nurses Do But Don't Talk About

    When you add "will continue to monitor" to the end of your report for decoration.

    1. When your bestie is sent to another ward.

    2. When the patient won't leave the call light alone.

    3. When the handover notes are a mess.

    4. When people don't queue for the computer.

    5. When you realize you're the one in charge.

    6. When that third night shift in a row hits.

    7. When compression stockings are life.

    8. When the doctor's like, "My handwriting is fine?"

    9. When you maximise your time off.

    10. When you get the IV done in one.

    11. When you find it difficult to switch off.

    12. When you're trying to blend in on a new unit.

    13. The three sweetest words.

    14. When you take on another shift.

    15. When you add a little flair to your report.

    16. When your lunch break is rudely interrupted.

    17. When you realise that, actually, you're amazing at your job.