18 Easy Creative Pancake Recipes On Pinterest

    Stacks on stacks on stacks.

    1. A cute lil' bear face requires minimum effort.

    2. Or go to town and start the day with a bunny.

    3. Add food colouring to the sugar for a fun twist on a classic.

    4. Pancake Dippers are an easy way to batch cook, if you're busy.

    5. And if you're pushed for time, Pancake Pops mean you can eat your treat on the go.

    6. Turn a crêpe into an easy caterpillar.

    7. Or have a competition to see who can make the ugliest face with their fruit.

    8. If you're a Monsters University fan, this Mike Wazowksi pancake is so much fun.

    9. Impress with a pancake Olaf.

    10. Or add a strawberry lattice and go for Spidey!

    11. These butterfly pancakes are super-easy, and super-cute.

    12. Sneak in some wholemeal under cute bear faces.

    13. And these crêpe faces are surprisingly easy.

    14. A fruit and pancakes owl is a hoot.

    15. And if you're especially skilled, push the boat out with this fancy chicken.

    16. Follow the rainbow stack.

    17. See where your pancake dreams take you.

    18. And if all else fails, remember that everything tastes better with chocolate.

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