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17 Beautiful And Unusual Nose Piercings

Follow your nose.

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1. This lovely little septum piercing with a big pop of attitude.

Instagram: @fransinsta

2. This smiley and sunshiney stud.

Instagram: @marinesizzy

3. This beautiful pop of colour, paired with a plum lip.

Instagram: @illuminatty666

4. This small and perfectly formed ring.

Instagram: @anipills9

5. This casual, bright and breezy stud.

Instagram: @iguhrace

7. This whole sequence of posing and piercing #goals.

Instagram: @coco

10. And this chill and chic lil' stud.

Instagram: @lovemmzz

11. This breathtaking double piercing, with eyelashes for days.

Instagram: @wxlfgurl

12. This perfect and delicate stud.

Instagram: @roiajewelry

14. This put-together and flawless nose ring.

Instagram: @aureagn