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    14 Mouthwatering Twists On The Full English Breakfast

    Put the kettle on.

    1. Eggs first. Start your morning with class by serving your eggs en cocotte.

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    "Cocotte" means a little dish in French. Get the recipe.

    2. Or go fancier still, and coddle your eggs.

    3. Make like chef Gizzi Erskine and smear marmite on your toast before dunking into your egg.

    4. Let's talk meat. If you can get your hands on some white pudding, then add to the pan.

    5. Or a slice of Lorne sausage, if you like.

    6. Or you could really take it up a notch with some Marag Dubh.

    Made in Stornoway using traditional crofting recipes, Marag Dubh uses oatmeal rather than barley, as well as the blood of cow, sheep or pig.

    7. Tomatoes are key. If you've got time, swap out tinned tomatoes for slow-roasted ones.

    Flickr: 35034348161@N01 / Via The Breakfast Bible, Bloomsbury 2013

    "Slice your tomatoes in half through the middle, season with salt and pepper and cook on medium-low heat face down for 5-7 minutes, turning halfway through so that they finish face up. Butter provides a richer flavour than olive oil. A splash of balsamic vinegar, or a pinch of sugar, will perk up a tired tomato."

    8. You'll need something for the juices. You could swap in an English muffin for fried bread.

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    Just look at all that surface area, ready to mop up bean juice.

    9. You could go Swiss with a rosti.

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    Like this Breakfast Rosti recipe.

    10. Or introduce new vegetables to your Bubble and Squeak, like this celeriac version.

    11. Your drink of choice should be Scottish Breakfast Tea.

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    Scottish Breakfast Tea is the origin of the traditional breakfast blend, and its malty taste pairs perfectly with a fry-up.

    12. Vegans can join in too.

    This recipe swaps in griddled vegetables for meat and eggs. While here you can find a recipe for a vegan breakfast omelette.

    13. If you're Gluten-free, try a breakfast bake.

    And remember that Heinz Baked Beans are GF too. Get the recipe.

    14. Or you could just serve the whole thing on a delicious breakfast pizza.

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