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17 Ways You're Drinking Your Tea Wrong

Spoiler alert: Milk first, tea second.

1. First, you need to understand that there are only six kinds of tea.

2. You should never add boiling water to the pot.

3. But I don't have a thermometer on my kettle!

4. You should try to use fresh water every time.

5. You never need to add a spoon for the teapot.

6. You never need to heat up your teapot.

7. Take the lid off your teapot while it's brewing.

8. If you're using a pot, add milk to the cup first.

9. If you're using a teabag, add the milk second.

10. You should remove the leaves from the teapot once you're done.

11. Never squash the teabag against the side of your cup.

12. Why does tea taste better from a teapot?

13. Green tea isn't caffeine-free.

14. Does tea contain more caffeine than coffee?

15. But if you're worried about caffeine, here's a tip.

16. So, here is how to make the perfect cup of tea:

17. Bonus! Here's a suggested tea menu for the day: