56 Secrets Couples In A Long Term Relationship Won't Tell You

    You stop apologising for farting. But you start giving fair warning.

    1. You could fill a year's worth of #tbts with photos of when you first met.

    2. You have both had at least one disastrous hair cut since you started dating.

    3. Of course, neither of you admitted it at the time.

    4. Your sex life will change of course.

    5. For the better.

    6. Because you're not trying to impress each other any more.

    7. You will laugh about how hard you tried when you first started dating.

    8. "Remember when I told you I had an advance download of the secret Radiohead album?"

    9. "Yes, it wasn't even announced, so I was confused".

    10. "I don't even like Radiohead".

    11. You have a strategy regarding the last slice of pizza.

    12. And also regarding the last French fry.

    13. It doesn't always work.

    14. You stop apologising for farting

    15. But you start giving fair warning.

    16. Items in your home will take on new names. "Have you seen my keys?", "Yeah, are they on the shelf next to Stern Owl?"

    17. And inside jokes take on a second life.

    18. Inside jokes that now feature supporting characters.

    19. And sometimes when you're drunk you try and explain the jokes to friends.

    20. And they will just look at you.

    21. While you go "but, he's a dog butler, but also a DJ!"

    22. When you meet new people, it's strange to refer to your partner as such.

    23. Because most people know them by name at this stage.

    24. You are a crack team at weddings.

    25. And also at grocery shopping.

    26. You don't fight about the other one reading, while you want to turn the lights off.

    27. You just learn to fall asleep with them still on.

    28. You stop scheduling alone time.

    29. Instead, you demand it.

    30. "I love you, but can you go meet your friends for a bit?"

    31. There are very few cutesey text messages.

    32. Instead, it's a mixture of grocery lists, and you guessed it, more inside jokes.

    33. Of course other people will catch your eye from time to time.

    34. But what's the point of going for a hamburger, when you've got steak at home?

    35. It's not scary to talk about long-term goals with them, or about settling down.

    36. But that doesn't mean it's going to happen any time soon.

    37. You still keep part of yourself separate.

    38. And that's OK.

    39. You both understand that you don't need to like all the same things.

    40. But it is still satisfying when they eventually agree to watch Masterchef with you.

    41. There are fewer OTT gifts and dates.

    42. And more everyday kindnessess, like £1 daffodils, or those yoghurts you like in the fridge.

    43. "Making an effort" = Not changing into sweatpants *until* they come home.

    44. (You still dress up fancy every so often).

    45. But the best times you've had have been giggling and chatting before bed.

    46. There will be fewer fancy home cooked dinners.

    47. But more meals that are exactly what you wanted.

    48. Like fish fingers after a crummy day.

    49. You won't have many big fights.

    50. Because you know exactly what to say to hurt the other person.

    51. Instead you will have many arguments about arbitrary things.

    52. Like what you would do if one of you had to set up a colony on Mars.

    53. (For example).

    54. You have a foundation of trust and confidence.

    55. That will make any bad day better.

    56. Because no matter how bad the day was, you get to come home and tell them about it.