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21 Cheap Date Ideas In London

Save your pennies.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their favourite budget London tip. Here’s what they said:

1. Visit the Hunterian Museum

Budget: Free

"One of the best and most overlooked museums in my opinion is the Hunterian Museum, which is a 5 min walk from Holburn station. It's kinda creepy, but SO interesting. It's full of preserved specimens, medical equipment, skulls/skeletons, abnormalities, that kinda thing."

Suggested by Steff Louise Gros on Facebook

2. Get crafty at Drink Shop & Do

Flickr: yukino Creative Commons
Flickr: lastyearsgirl_ Creative Commons

Budget: Tea from £2.80

"Drink Shop & Do at King's Cross have some fab activities including Lego Robots and Lionel Rich-Tea Biscuits - all absolutely free! The only thing you have to fork out for that's less than a fiver is their delicious cocktails and coffees".

Suggested by Maz Norton on Facebook

3. Pick up cheap seats at the National Theatre

Flickr: jovriens Creative Commons
Flickr: sofiagk Creative Commons

Budget: From £5

"£5 standing tickets at the National Theatre. Just don’t pick Hamlet!"

Suggested by Alex Friend on Facebook

4. Stroll around Camden Market

Flickr: ashlourey / Via Creative Commons

Budget: Free

"Walk around Camden Market. It's completely free but it's one of my favourite places in London, just a great, interesting place to visit and see even if you don't buy anything. A lot of the food is cheap too, I had a lovely mixed Thai curry for just £4 when I was there."

Suggested by Jack Hessey on Facebook

5. Go for a nature walk

Flickr: annafdd Creative Commons
Flickr: janie_easterman Creative Commons

Budget: Free

"The Pergola and Hill Garden near Hampstead Heath, Kenwood House (not free) and grounds (free) on Hampstead Heath, Richmond Park, walking along the riverbank from Richmond to Teddington, grabbing a cheapish lunch in Broadway Market and walking along the canal back to Angel. Plenty of options."

Suggested by Jo Bromilow on Facebook

6. Buy a snack at Borough Market

Flickr: pablokdc Creative Commons
Flickr: aguichard Creative Commons

Budget: Free

"One of my favourite things to do in London, on a Saturday morning, is wander around Borough Market. It can be a little crowded in peak tourist season but the atmosphere is great and if you can resist the temptation to buy all of the Turkish delight, cheese and brownies (something that I've never accomplished) then it's free! That's true of so many great markets in London."

Suggested by Louise Brain on Facebook

7. Or find hidden treasures at Maltby Street Market

Flickr: kotomi-jewelry Creative Commons
Flickr: 55935853@N00 Creative Commons

Budget: Free

"I love Borough market but it is so crowded so I go to Maltby market just round the corner instead now. if you haven't been then it's worth checking it out."

Suggested by Paul Bee on Facebook

8. Climb the Monument

Flickr: dungodung Creative Commons
Flickr: belowred Creative Commons

Budget: £4

"Climb The Monument (£4) and enjoy the amazing view!"

Suggested by jenniferp4536f2b7e

9. Pick up a new read at Books For Free, Stratford

Books For Free
Books For Free

Budget: Free

"Go book 'shopping' at BooksForFree in the Stratford Centre – they have hundreds of books and you can take up to twelve at a time for you to keep."

Suggested by 20s0mething

10. Snuggle up at the British Library

Flickr: pakitt Creative Commons
Flickr: chrisjohnbeckett Creative Commons

Budget: Free

"The British Library. Could spend days there."

Suggested by reneed49e0b5534

*Note: The photo on the left is of the reading room at the British Museum, which is another lovely option. It is currently closed.

11. Go window shopping in Covent Garden

Flickr: gcwest Creative Commons
Flickr: stchou Creative Commons

Budget: Free

Suggested by emilyg47e5692de

12. Snoop in cabinets at Grant's Museum

Flickr: leff Creative Commons
Flickr: 97938415@N00 Creative Commons

Budget: Free

"Free and amazing."

Suggested by emmaaliceg

13. Feed the ducks in Hyde Park

Flickr: nasose / Via Creative Commons

Budget: Free (if you have some bread at home)

"Buy a loaf for bread for £1 and feed the ducks at Hyde Park."

Suggested by /michellec42b0862af

14. Soak up the sun at Dalston Roof Park

Flickr: bqw Creative Commons
Flickr: maureen_barlin Creative Commons

Budget: £5

"Dalston Roof Park is a place with great views, and movie screenings, music and art all summer long. It costs just £5 for a membership that is good the entire season. Also, just around the corner is Dalston Eastern Curve Garden. It's a (free!) urban oasis. You can relax with a cup of coffee or tea, attend a workshop or simply stroll the garden."

Suggested by joem45ac45347

15. See what's happening on the South Bank

Flickr: 33459161@N06 Creative Commons
Flickr: lewishamdreamer Creative Commons

Budget: Free

"Walk along the South Bank, there's always something going on, even if it's skateboarding, same as Covent Garden (although a cup of tea will probably set you back over a fiver!). There's several art trails through the City too and I love paying a visit to the book sellers by Waterloo - they always have some crazy things."

Suggested by becik

16. Take a trip on the Emirates Cable Car

Flickr: steveph Creative Commons
Flickr: carltonbrowne Creative Commons

Budget: £3.40

"Me and my mum went on the Emirates cable cars yesterday! £3.40 single ticket and we had some amazing views of London."

Suggested by nataliec47a92351e

17. Soak up some culture at the National Portrait Gallery

Flickr: joeywan Creative Commons
Flickr: joeywan Creative Commons

Budget: Free

Suggested by hibahn

18. Say hello to the animals at Hackney City Farm

Flickr: yukino Creative Commons
Flickr: spektrograf Creative Commons

Budget: Free

Suggested by @no1cheesecake

19. Go the the top of One New Change

Flickr: raphaelchekroun / Via Creative Commons

Budget: Free

"Wellcome Collection is good, also the view at the top of One New Change is beautiful!"

Suggested by emmag4509041ca

20. Visit the Sky Garden

Flickr: dgeezer Creative Commons
Flickr: davebass5 Creative Commons

Budget: Free

"You can also book a day to go to the Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street, also free!"

Suggested by emmag4509041ca

21. Have a pint outside.

Flickr: jacobsurland / Via Creative Commons

Budget: The price of a pint.

"Order a pint, sit outside." Stuck for ideas? Why not start here.

Suggested by kelseyrivera

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