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    19 Breakfasts Everyone Must Eat In London

    Eggs and coffee please.

    1. Pancakes at the Pavillion Café

    2. Avocado Toast at Dean Street Townhouse

    3. Kedgeree at Koya Bar

    4. Baked Eggs with Squash and Sage at Milk

    5. The Copacabana at Carioca

    6. The Full English at Pellici's

    7. Bacon Naan Roll at Dishoom

    8. Corn Fritters at Lantana

    9. Menemen at Café Z Bar

    10. Figs on Toast at Pacific Social Club

    11. Eggs with Dates and Spices at Persepolis

    12. Scrambled Eggs at A Little of What You Fancy

    13. A Breakfast Burrito at The Breakfast Club

    14. The Veggie Breakfast at The Haberdashery

    15. Pedler Breakfast (including Gin Sausage) at Pedler

    16. The All Day Breakfast Burger at Foxlow

    17. Porridge at Ethos

    18. Coffee and a doughnut from Talkhouse Coffee

    19. Bacon Egg and Cheese Muffin from The Breakfast Company

    What could be more glorious than having the above delivered to your own home? If you live within the Breakfast Company's delivery range, then your dreams are about to come true.

    Currently, they only service South East and South West London. The best bit? They'll also pick you up the paper.

    Want some booze with your brunch? Here you go:


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