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    15 Things People Living With Cystic Fibrosis Want You To Know

    It isn't "just a bad cough".

    1. It isn't "just a bad cough".

    2. It's a genetic disorder. And around 1 in 25 of the UK population carry the gene.

    3. There are other consequences too.

    4. It's not infectious.

    5. It's an invisible illness.

    6. And it's incredibly lonely.

    7. And diagnoses are sometimes had to come across.

    8. Cystic fibrosis affects every part of the day.

    9. And exercise is really important.

    10. As is eating a ginormous number of calories.

    11. You get organised pretty quickly.

    12. And learn to know your own body.

    13. You can be diagnosed at any age.

    14. And everyone's typical day is different.

    15. And the best support you can give them is to be considerate.