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    17 Lazy Halloween Costumes You Can Use Your Normal Clothes For

    "I'm dressed as a muggle."

    1. Woman laughing with salad.

    2. 404 Error

    3. Regina George

    You will need: White vest, colourful bra, burn book (plus points for Kalteen bar).

    4. Arthur Dent

    You will need: Dressing gown, a cup of tea, and don't forget your towel.

    5. A tourist

    6. A bouncer.

    7. Walter White

    8. Nudist on Strike

    9. Shia LaBeouf

    10. The Dude

    11. Girl With A Pearl Earring

    12. Your own twin.

    13. Undercover police officer.

    14. Holly Golightly

    15. Angela Chase

    16. Where's Wally?

    17. A muggle.