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    16 Heartbreakingly Kind Things Sisters Have Done For Each Other

    "I was having one of my many sad days when my sister burst into my room, laid down on top of me proclaiming she was 'squishing the sadness out of me'. She's 25."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the nicest things they've ever done for their sisters. Here are the results!

    1. "I judo flipped the kid who was bullying her"

    2. "I buy my sister mother's day gifts."

    3. "I surprised her with a trip to Paris"

    4. "I gave her money for IVF"

    5. "She told me exactly what I needed to hear"

    6. "I pretended to be her mum"

    7. "I sent her a care package"

    8. "I did a pumpkin patch shoot for her"

    9. "I planned a trip for her and our dog"

    10. "I quit my job for her"

    11. "She bought me something special"

    12. "I got her favourite band to phone her"

    13. "I stayed in quarantine with her during swine flu"

    14. "She cheers me up everyday"

    15. "I baked cake for her at 1.30am"

    16. "I supported her no matter what"

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