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    A Heartfelt And Sincere Love Letter To Jason From "The Good Place"

    He makes the bass my heart.

    1. Jason is the only person who should ever wear a floral garland. All other holders of floral garlands must return them to where they purchased them.

    2. I would purchase three copies of Jason's self-help book: From Pre-Success to Success in Four Easy Heists.

    3. Please may we appreciate that this assessment of Season one's predicament was in a way, not technically wrong.

    4. Here, Jason demonstrates the most respectful way to interact with a poster of the truly talented Ariana Grande.

    5. Despite having Donkey Doug for a dad, Jason is thoughtful and supports his friends.

    6. Again, not technically wrong.

    7. Whomst among us would argue that a wedding + tacos does not equal a perfect day?

    8. I love a man with a passion, what can I say.

    9. Again, I love a man with a passion.

    10. In this image, Jason is making pleasant small talk with a literal demon who has been sent to torture him (that's Trevor). This man is a living angel.

    11. Let us never forget that on one bright, shining day, Jason figured it out.

    12. Jason taught an all-knowing robot (*not a robot) something she didn't know! What a genius!

    13. When he Magic Mike-ed his wedding outfit I gasped with joy.

    14. What more can I say – I love Jason the way that Jason loves balloons.

    15. And once, just once, I'd love Jason to say this about me.