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    How To Create The Perfect Geometric Mani In 9 Easy GIFs

    Flaunt those nails.

    You will need:


    A base colour, plus three other colours (we chose a green base, with orange, pink and blue detailing.

    Equipment: A striper brush, or a thin, clean paintbrush. A cotton bud or a paintbrush dipped in acetone for corrections.

    Begin by cleaning and buffing the nails, and applying a clear base coat.

    1. Begin with two coats of your base colour.

    2. Dip the striper brush into your first colour, making sure the polish is evenly distributed.

    3. Using the striper brush, carefully draw out a triangle section and fill it in.

    4. Using the same technique, fill the other side of the triangle with the next colour.

    5. If you want, you can stop at this step, and cover with a top coat. This would also look nice as just an accent nail.

    If you want the full effect, read on.

    6. Using your final colour, join two stripes at the tip of the nail to make a chevron.

    7. Dip a paintbrush into acetone to clear up any mistakes or smudges.

    8. Allow to dry, and finish with a clear top coat.

    9. Enjoy your gorgeous nails!