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How To Create The Perfect Acid Wash Mani In 9 Easy GIFs

Nails to die for.

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You will need:


White, black, and a selection of bright colours. Remember: you want a contrast.

Equipment: A cotton bud to swirl the colours with. A cotton bud or a paintbrush dipped in acetone for corrections.

Begin by cleaning and buffing the nails, and applying a clear base coat.


2. Next, take your first accent colour, and blob it on randomly.

Ailbhe Malone / Via BuzzFeed

That's the technical term. Give it a little time to set, as you don't want the polish to come off on the next brush.

3. Continue with your next accent colour.

Ailbhe Malone / BuzzFeed

Remember: When you create the swirl, you will be revealing different layers, so try and have the colours overlap.

9. Enjoy your nails!

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