How Obsessed With Hummus Are You?

Time to face the truth.

  1. Check every box which applies to you.
    1. 1 Do you make your own hummus?
    2. 2 Do you whisper ‘hummus’ in your sleep?
    3. 3 Do you find jokes hummus-er-ous?
    4. 4 Did you laugh at that awful joke just because it mentioned hummus?
    5. 5 Do you have strong feelings about tahini?
    6. 6 Have you experimented with beetroot hummus?
    7. 7 With sweet potato hummus?
    8. 8 With sweet hummus?
    9. 9 Does the idea of chunky hummus make you feel strange?
    10. 10 But also excited?
    11. 11 Do you put hummus in mashed potatoes?
    12. 12 Would you try hummus ice cream?
    13. 13 Do you put hummus in hummus?
    14. 14 Do you use crisps to eat your hummus?
    15. 15 Do you use carrots to eat your hummus?
    16. 16 Do you use your hands to eat your hummus?
    17. 17 Do you find excuses to eat hummus even when you’re not hungry?
    18. 18 Do you abandon your friends to eat hummus?
    19. 19 Is hummus your one true love?
    20. 20 Do you refer to you and hummus as a couple?
    21. 21 Do your parents refer to you and hummus as a couple?
    22. 22 Do you sing a little song to your hummus before you eat it?
    23. 23 Do you tell it a story before you put it back in the fridge for the night?
    24. 24 Do you put the ‘u’ in hummus?

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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